The members of the LFPI include manufacturers and users of a wide range of liquid filtration and purification related technologies in areas such as semiconductors, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, foods, polymers, the petrochemical sector, drinking water, sewage and industrial waste water. With the cooperation of universities and public institutions, LFPI holds lectures, symposiums and factory visits. It also promotes the standardization of liquid filtration/purification technologies and products. In addition, in the areas of new and improved technology, it promotes survey and research as well as technological exchange and useful information exchange with firms in other sectors. In this way it improves the technological abilities of firms which support the liquid filtration and purification sector and broaden the application range. LFPI seeks to contribute to its members and society through the establishment and more extensive use of world class liquid filtration and purification technologies.

An overview of liquid filtration and purification technology

This is technology used to separate and remove solute constituents such as fine particles, micro-organisms, and suspended matter such as emulsions as well as inorganic ions, soluble organic matter, dissolved gas from water, oil, melt polymer, etc; the technology also prevents pollution of these fluids by such impurities.